Consulting from a distance

In 2015 I traveled with the Olympic Development Program’s Girls Region II teams to US Youth Soccer’s Interregional Competition in Boca Raton Florida.

While there, my main job was to improve the freshness and recovery of the players during a difficult training and competitive week.

Field-side rolling to improve freshness

During the week I got to know many of the players and fielded many questions about how to stay healthy, good exercises, etc.   One such player from Michigan was struggling to keep up with training, losing interest and motivation to play, stressing out about school and overall really grinding out.  She had multiple injuries and surgeries in the past and was committed to play at a D1 school.

Over the course of a few months we communicated via email and a shared spreadsheet to better organize all the elements of her training and development plan. We discussed key principles of staying healthy, how to maximize her training effectiveness and tracked all of her work.

She noticed changes in how she felt within only a few weeks and here is what she said one year later;

“Hi Calvin,
As far as performance goes I am doing good. I would say one of the most impactful objectives that you gave me was keeping trainings short, but intense, as it has kept me engaged and gives me more free time for schoolwork which helps with stress. I have also found giving myself one day off per week very helpful as it helps me recover both mentally and physically.

And although I am not tracking my training load anymore I think doing that helped me to become aware of the correlation between how my body is feeling and the amount of training I am doing. So now I can tell just by paying attention to how I’m feeling at a practice if I should cut out the lift I planned for later that night or not.

I hope things are going well for you also!

Thank you,

Olivia’s story is unfortunately a common one and players are often being pulled in many directions from their club, high school, personal trainer, etc.

That’s where we come in to assemble all these moving parts the right way to keep players Happy, Healthy & High Performing.

Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement regarding new consulting services!

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