Player Education is Key

Player Education is one pillar of our programming.

Learning the basic science of how to take of yourself, before, during and after training sessions and games becomes invaluable over the duration of a soccer career.

Understanding simple principles of training, soreness, strength, nutrition & regeneration/recovery behaviors allow players to take more control of how they feel, their readiness to train and potential level of competitive performance.

One key concept for players to understand is that of “101%.”  In order to stimulate your body to change and improve, you need to overload it.  This may include muscles, lungs, overall endurance, making decisions under pressure, playing at a faster speed, etc.  Pushing your muscles beyond their current capacity, or to 101%, may induce soreness in the subsequent 1-2 days.  This soreness is good and means your brain will signal cells to make that tissue stronger and more durable.

Sleep, Food/Fluids, and Regeneration (Recovery) Behaviors are three key things to emphasize to help your body heal, repair and regenerate.


We provide classroom & field based seminars to players, parents & coaches on all things related to keeping players Happy, Healthy & High Performing.

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